Fear in Art?

Because I love scrapbooking, and mixed media I was so excited to find a site that took both these passions and led me to my greatest passion ~ my personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

How exciting to find a place that shows others through their Bible study a way to journal, a way to express creativity and our passion for Him through His word. 

Once I found this place on facebook and Pinterest,  I was so eager to get started.  Seeing all the beautiful inspirations,  wonderful art work really did inspire me,  but they also did something else.  They created in me a fear.   I know,  right?  Fear?  In Bible journaling?  Yes.  Simply fear.  Instead of this being a wonderful way for me to express what The Lord is telling me, I began to worry about posting my art Journaling.   Comparing myself with others and their works began to fill my subconscience, and rather than this form of expression being a blessing, it had become a chore. 

I found a pin on Pinterest on  Bible journaling and read a guest “speakers” testimony.  She tells how she doesn’t have any blog or system really, other than she let’s the Holy Spirit guide her. 

This really hit a cord with me.  My main desire is to glorify Christ in all I do and say.  I want to journal for the right reasons.  For the pure purpose of giving glory to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  

I still struggle with this.  But as I grow in this area, it is reassuring to know that God alone knows my heart.  He knows I want to glorify Him. 

I pray that He would be glorified in all I do creatively. After all He is the Great Creator.


shanna noel – http://pinterest.com/pin/429390145698246740/?s=3&m=wordpress


Trusting in the Silence

How many times in our lives do we need to be reminded that God is all knowing, and has our back covered? If we’re anything like the Israelites in the Old Testament, we need it a lot. No really, I mean A LOT.

In my journey through the Bible and my favorite devotions by Chris Tiegreen, the answer is so simple. So simple I’m almost embarrassed to admit that it’s taken me 53 years to “get it”. We’ve heard it all before. I’ve heard it all my life.

Why then, why then, has it taken me so long to “get it?”

I can’t answer that. I only know that the answer is so simple, (I said simple, not easy), that I can barely fathom my ignorance.

Here it is; TRUST. Simple right? Maybe not.

I look back over my life and reminisce. Over the ca-trillion times I could have been freed from the anxiety of not knowing. Of reacting. Of not being in control.

For if I say I believe that the Bible is God’s Word and that He is infallible and only has His good purposes for me, (Jeremiah 29 : 11), and then doubt or worry, I’m saying I do not believe that My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is not only not capable, but not caring, not compassionate and not loving enough, but it contradicts everything I know to be true in His word.

So I must. I must trust. I must believe and must simply leave it in His all knowing, all loving, all capable hands. Always.

When there is silence. When there are dry times. When we feel abandoned. Those are the times He exercises our faith. The circumstances we must go through in order to build us up, to encourage our faith and ultimately increase our worship and glorifying Our Lord.

So free me Lord from this bondage. Let me know your hearts’ desire for me, let me trust You simply in the silence, and most of all; may I glorify you.

Often The Lord will inspire me to write a poem of encouragement. Such was so this morning. I hope it inspires and encourages you.


Can You Trust Me in the Silence?

Can you trust Me in the silence, when the world seems oh so cold? When the sound of nature’s silence seems so far away and old?

Can’t you see I have Your heartbeat in the palms of my nail scarred hands? That I’m guiding through this journey, in this temporary land?

Trust me always child of mine, know I’m never far away. Call on me despite the silence, I’m here always listening, caring, for my children everyday.

Can you trust me in the silence, when the times are full of storm? When the tidal waves of life and the darkness seem the norm?

Can’t you see the path I’ve been down, struggling hard beneath the cross? Footprints hidden by my dragging sin behind me, knowing victory not loss?

Trust me always child of mine, know I’m never far away. Call on me despite the silence, I’m here always listening, caring, for my children everyday.

Trusting me in silence my child, opens hearts and blinded eyes. Knowing fully I’m here for you always watching, making wise.

Know I love you more than life, giving Mine that you might live. Know I love you more than any earthly treasure, that this present life might give.

Trust me always child of mine, know I’m never far away. Call on me despite the silence, I’m here always listening, caring, for my children everyday.

Written by Ruth Masek
Inspired by God’s word- Job 30:20

I cry to you, O God, but you don’t answer. I stand before you, but you don’t even look. JOB 30: 20